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While this is my first post here, I am not new to blogging. While completing my Ph.D (2001-2010) I spent a lot of time in the Australian feminist blogosphere. My old blog can be found here. Dr Frances Shaw’s research on the Oz feminist blogosphere can be found here. I was interviewed by Frances as part of her doctoral research which shows that even my ‘tool of procrastination’ blog was actually (once-upon-a-time last decade) a part of something bigger.

I am currently spending several weeks at the University of Edinburgh as part of a sabbatical from my role as a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle. Perhaps being in such a learned city (home of the Enlightenment), surrounded by statues of esteemed dead white dudes has gotten the creative juice flowing, but it seems I have the urge to blog again. Maybe it’s procrastination from the “real” academic writing that I’m in the middle of. Maybe its seeing all the Australian educational bloggers having fun with vegetables  (after all, in my previous iteration as I blogger I was a radish). Whatever the reason, it’s time to go with it.

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